The Conair common control platform, which gives users the same look and feel regardless of the auxiliary equipment involved, is front-and-center at the Injection-Molding & Design Expo taking place the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit May 25 – 26. Conair is exhibiting in booth 501.

Several of the products are equipped with the exclusive control. A Thermolator® temperature-control unit (TCU), Model dX mobile dryer and SmartFLX™ conveying control will all feature the common control, which presents menu structure and navigation, set-point entry, alarm notification, icons, colors, communication protocols and back-end hardware that are essentially the same as on other Conair equipment. These features combine to make the controls easy to operate and minimizes the amount of cross-training required for an operator to run different types of equipment.

Top-Shelf Temperature Control

The Thermolator TCU on display is the Model TW-P, the touchscreen-controlled premium version of this ‘workhorse of the plastics industry.” It comes with advanced communications options and the most complete range of control features of any unit in the Conair temperature-control line, which also includes the value-priced TW-V and standard Model TW-S units. It is available in standard pump sizes from ¾ to 10 hp and a standard heater range from 0 to 48 kW.

The top-of-the-line TW-P Thermolator offers Incoloy heaters, silicon-carbide pump seals, pressure gauges and tool-free access panels for simplified maintenance. Options include dual-zone models, solid-state-relay heater controls, brazed-plate heat exchangers in two sizes, maximum operating temperature of 300F (149C) and vertical unit-stacking rack.

Mobile Drying

The Conair Carousel Plus® dX Series mobile drying/conveying system that is being shown in Detroit features the DC-B Premium common control. In addition to the common user-interface features, the control offers important functionality that automates routine setup and operations. For instance, it has a resin library built in. The operator only needs to select the material being dried, and the system automatically enters basic parameters like drying time, drying temperature and setback temperature. These settings can be easily modified to suit special circumstances. The unit also has automatic phase detection, sounding an alarm if the dryer is powered up using incorrect wiring. Air-to-air aftercooling is also available.

Offering convenient drying capacity up to 200 lb/hr, dX Series mobile drying/conveying systems include a Carousel Plus wheel dryer, stainless-steel hopper, conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver – all assembled on a safe, convenient wheeled cart. Loaders can be supplied with a sensor to confirm resin fill levels, a ratio valve for loading two materials (typically a regrind and a virgin) into the dryer, and a choice of long- or short-distance conveying blowers.

Experience Smart Conveying

At IMD 2022, attendees can experience for themselves the simplicity and intelligent UX (user experience) that characterize the Conair SmartFLX conveying control. The SmartFLX control uses the same common user interface as the other equipment on display and features a system architecture with a more powerful PLC processor, and an intelligent configurator that simplifies and reduces costs for system design and installation, system expansion and remote diagnostics. It is a key component in the operation of Conair’s patented variable-speed Wave Conveying™ system and other “smart” conveying equipment.

In the Conair booth, the SmartFLX control will be connected to an RFID-proofed resin-selection station, which uses wireless RFID line-proofing technology and LED indicators that guide the operator in making connections between resin sources and destinations. A blue light indicates where conveying tubes should be connected and, if an incorrect connection is made, an LED flashes red and conveying is disabled until the mistake is corrected and a green light shows. The system prevents costly conveying errors that disrupt production, while instilling confidence in new operators.

Conair Group offers innovative auxiliary equipment solutions to plastics processors around the world. With 32 degreed engineers, including 16 senior team members with an average of over 23 years of experience, Conair brings unparalleled technical expertise and support to its customers, guaranteeing its products will deliver maximum productive uptime. Twenty parts and service team members respond to tens of thousands of calls each year, answering in an average of about 15 seconds. Over 450 individual products include resin drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include line-control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. Conair also has specialized expertise in every major end market – such as packaging, medical, transportation, building and construction, and many others – and strives to ensure plastics processors succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.