Combination Puller/Cutter, CPC Models

Combination Puller/Cutter

Pull and Cut with Repeated Accuracy and Precision

Precisely pull and cut plastic and rubber tubing, rigid tubing, profiles, at precision tolerances and high cutting speeds. Combination Puller/Cutters are available with your choice of puller belt sizes, cutting capacities and pulling torque to meet your specific needs. The Conair CPC provides a long tradition of industrial service, easy setup and precision operation.

More torque and motor life

Eliminating maintenance while improving performance, Conair’s unique, in-line gear reducer improves torque while reducing maintenance. CRM and Helical bevel reducers are used on the puller drive system.

Intuitive operator control

The CPC features a user-friendly, 7-inch {178mm} touchscreen with high visibility graphics and intuitive commands for controlling the puller and cutter. A large pop-up “soft” keypad makes recipe entry fast and easy.

Cutting capacity to 3.75 inches

Choose belt widths from up 3 to 4 inches {76.2 to 101.6 mm} and nominal traction lengths to 26 inches {660.4 mm}. Belt options are available for cutting corrugated plastic.


  • Optimum eye-level monitoring – Controls are at eye-level and within easy reach.
  • Easy-access cutter motor – Quick-remove cover for easy access to motor during maintenance.
  • Visible cutter head – Clear knife guard lets you view rotating cutter head, blade(s) during operation.
  • Built-in cleaning – Stainless steel blade lubrication tray cleans and lubricates the blade(s) with each pass, and the cutting chamber includes a fitting for drainage.
  • Controlled extrudate grip – Adjust belts and control tension on material by opening/closing belt gap with an easy turn.
  • Centered, guided material – Adjustable rollers guide material into the belts.
  • Precise pulling – AC vector drive uniformly draws and pushes material through to the cutter.

Puller/Cutter In-line gearbox reducer
In-line gearbox reducer

Lessens the maintenance required by traditional belt-and-pulley designs. The reducer improves torque performance, improves side load capabilities and extends the life of the servo motor.

Conair upper and lower belt guards for combination puller/cutter
Upper and lower belt guards

Protect the user and are easily removed when changing the belts of the cutter.

CPC Puller/Cutter Touchscreen
Standard touchscreen features include:

  • Full-color graphics
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Selectable cutting modes, blade speed and Start/Stop functions
  • Total access to vector or servo drives for tuning and service


  • Upgrade to Emerson 3.25 Hp velocity servo e-drive with plus minus 1/100 percent set speed regulation and additional lower torque at lower speeds including a serial operator interface with feet per minute and totalizing footage counter
  • Remote belt speed control with ten turn potentiometer and digital speed display with one hundred feet of cable
  • Electronic totalizing footage counter
  • Digital belt gap sensor
  • High precision flat belts. Recommended for applications with speeds above 200 feet per minute or applications requiring extreme cut to length tolerances
  • Cutting torque horse power upgrade to 4.4 Hp continuous duty positional servo controller
  • Stainless steel cutter head in place of standard aluminum cutter head for additional inertia
  • Second axis slide base provides unobstructed access to the puller belts for processes which do not require a cutting mode
  • Variable blade speed in both on demand and flywheel cut mode
  • Follower cutting mode featuring operator programs desired cut length and number of blades. Controller takes the encoder input and automatically ratios the cutter head to the puller speed
  • Electric eye and bracket for use with end sense mode, for optimizing cut to length accuracy. This unit is designed for cutting rigid parts from 4 to 24 inches long. ( Note: it is always required to send in samples of product for proper application and set up of an electric eye.)
  • Stainless steel cutter bushings bored to size for round product
  • Blade wipe system includes brackets and felt pad mounted on the top of the brushing holder and lubricant bottle with sight valve
  • Bushing lubrication system includes spray system with reservoir and nozzle and connection for customer supplied pressurized air. Spray is directed on a product at entry to cutter bushing to minimize drag associated to sticky and flexible extrusions
  • Multiple lengths and batches, up to three additional lengths with associated batch counts, for use with timer and encoder mode
  • Host microprocessor interface connections
  • Timer mode

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