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Filter Drawer

Screen Access Made Easy

When only routine maintenance is required to monitor the condition or clean a vacuum receiver’s screen filter, nothing is faster than the easy clean Filter Drawer.

This add-on module fits between the lid and body of Conair DuraLoad Receivers and provides easy screen filter access, without the need for lid removal. Tool-free twist clamps hold the drawer in place and once released, allow the drawer to slide out, exposing the screen disc, nested in the drawer cradle. Once checked, cleaned or replaced the screen may be easily slid back into position above the loader body and clamped vacuum tight.

Make screen access easier

The easy clean Filter Drawer is highly recommended for processors that do not require frequent material changes, but need an easy method for checking their filter screen. Also, for locations where lid clearance is marginal and / or where abrasive material conveying requires frequent screen attention.

Easy, add-on module

The Filter Drawer is easily installed between the receiver body and lid with its own twist clamps. It may be installed and removed quickly with no tools.

Low profile

The Filter Drawer adds only 3.5 inches {89 mm} to the installed height of the receiver and is offered for popular Conair DuraLoad diameters.


  • High temperature models (-HT) for materials up to 350°F {171°C}
  • Stainless steel construction (-SS)

Model Comparison