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Conveying Accessories

  • Pellbow Resin Conveying Hardware
    Pellbow® Resin Conveying Hardware
    Compact, Self-Cleaning Pocket Elbow Guides Resin Across Resin

    In resin conveying, conventional radius elbows are designed to “soften” the turn resin must take when changing direction.

  • Conveying accessories
    Audible/Visual Alarm and Alarm Kits
    Catch Process Problems Before Losing Production

    Immediately see and hear where your process problem is with Conair. The Conair Universal Alarm Box signals with a loud buzzer and a strobe light notifying you of a problem.

  • Conair mg magnet series conveying accessories
    MG Magnet Series
    Designed for Reliable Tramp Metal Filtration

    The Conair MG Series drawer magnets are capable of separating ferrous metals too small to be visible. Drawer magnets provide a filter of magnetic power.

  • Conveying accessories filter drawer
    Filter Drawer
    Easy, Vacuum Receiver Screen Service

    When only routine maintenance is required to monitor the condition or clean a vacuum receiver’s screen filter, nothing is faster than the easy clean Filter Drawer.

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.