Conveying accessories

Audible/Visual Alarm and Alarm Kits

Catch Process Problems Before Losing Production

In noisy manufacturing environments, immediately see and hear where your process problem is before you lose production and quality. The...

Conair mg magnet series conveying accessories

MG Magnet Series

Designed for Reliable Tramp Metal Filtration

There is no substitute for the elimination of tramp metal from your process stream. Damaged screws, molds or dies, plugged...

Conveying accessories filter drawer

Filter Drawer

Easy, Vacuum Receiver Screen Service

When only routine maintenance is required to monitor the condition or clean a vacuum receiver’s screen filter, nothing is faster...

Pellbow Resin Conveying Hardware

Pellbow® Resin Conveying Hardware

Compact, Self-Cleaning Pocket Elbow Guides Resin Across Resin

In resin conveying, conventional radius elbows are designed to “soften” the turn resin must take when changing direction. But traditional...