M-TPC Planetary Cutter

M-TPC Planetary Cutter

Planetary Tube Cuttingfor Medical Products

Conair’s M-TPC-1 Planetary Cutter offers a highly desirable, high speed tube cutting solution on a precision traveling table. The cutting blade rotates rapidly around tubular extrusions for clean, square cuts, free of the crush and distortion common to other cutting machines.

The M-TPC-1 accomodates up to a 1-inch {25.4 mm} cutting capacity and is designed to move with your extruded product to clamp, cut, release and repeat without sacrificing line speed.

The clamping system and servo table assure quality, planetary cuts. The standard planetary cutter orientation is right-to-left, but left-to-right orientation cutters are available.

Cut medical tubular extrusions without distortion or swarf

Difficult to cut materials such as styrene, PET, HIPS, PC, etc. can now be cut accurately. Other cutters and saws are unable to cut tubular extrusions without distorting them, and often create cuts that are not square and generate particulate.

Eliminate secondary trimming, deburring operations

The M-TPC, with its smooth planetary cutting action, displaces material for a clean and precise cut, eliminating the need for trimming, deburring or blowing off.

Reduced machine maintenance

A heavy-duty precision linear motion system provides smooth and consistent table movement with commercially available components.


  • Photo eye and/or dead stop precision cut-to-length
  • Bushing sets for additional product sizes
  • Powder coated frame
  • UL certification
  • Full enclosure guarding

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