Downstream Extrusion

  • MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks
    MedLine® MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks
    Absolutely Consistent Dimensional Control

    Medline® MedVac flood-cooling sizing tanks are uniquely designed to meet the specialized process needs of medical tubing manufacturers. Ensures optimum product quality.

  • M-TPC Planetary Cutter
    M-TPC Planetary Cutter
    Clean, Balanced Planetary Cutting of Medical Tubing

    Conair's M-TPC-1 Planetary Cutter offers high speed tube cutting solution on a precision traveling table, reducing crush and distortion common to other cutting machines.

  • MedLine Puller Cutter
    MedLine® Puller/Cutter
    Highly efficient microbore tubing production

    Conair’s medical grade extrusion equipment offers processors a variety of pulling and cutting equipment for maximizing cleanliness, efficiency and precision.

  • Takeaway conveyors
    MTAC Series Conveyor
    Convenient Belt Support and Take-Away

    Conair MTAC Series take–away conveyors assure efficient extruded product handling. Products are efficiently moved toward packaging and/or other handling operations.

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.