MedLine® Access Loader

MedLine® AL3

Easier Access, for Simplified Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your loaders is now faster, easier and safer than ever before. That’s because the unique angled canister design of the Conair Access™ Loader (AL) means workers don’t need to climb as high or work as hard to service the drop-in filter or wipe out the stainless steel canister.

A hinged lid opens easily, without tools, tilts back and locks out of the way safely leaving both hands free for cleaning or service.

The world's most reliable discharge valve

Surrounded by protective feet, the large, cast aluminum outlet closes off with a stainless steel, weight-biased flapper against a rugged, high temperature seal. The non-contact demand level sensor is fool-proof.

Select option packages to suit your needs

Popular options are combined for easy selection and integrated into your loader purchase.

Full-featured Control

The Easy Loading Control (ELC) and optional ControlMate™ pendant provide simple, reliable loading operation and can also control line purging, ratio loading and many other loading parameters.


  • Stainless steel cylindrical, angled body provides easy access to internal drop-in disc filter.
  • All material contact surfaces are built of pristine stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion.
  • ELC-M loading control with intuitive loader display. Enhanced control capabilities are possible with the optional ControlMate pendant.
  • Blowback solenoid for the removal of dust or particulates that accumulate on the loader’s internal disc filter.
  • Bolt-on replaceable inlet stub (1.75 inches {44.45 mm} standard). May be re-oriented for optimum material line routing.
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Protective stand-offs
  • Integral discharge flapper

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