• MedLine Medical Loader
    MedLine® ML Series Loaders
    All-stainless loaders for Cleanroom Use

    The MedLine® ML Series Loaders are designed to be the perfect self-contained vacuum loader for medical applications. Available in two convenient sizes.

  • MedLine® SmartFLX

    MedLine® SmartFLX is the fastest (6000 times faster to be exact) control ever – designed specifically for today’s newest conveying...

  • MedLine® FLX box with strobe
    MedLine® FLX-128 Plus
    With Recipes and VFD Control, Multiple Functions with Each Pump

    Now with features never offered before by any conveying control, the FLX-128 Plus was designed for today’s newest conveying technology for medical purposes.

  • MedLine® AL3
    MedLine® Access Loader
    Value-added Features at No Additional Cost

    Maintaining your loaders is now easier and safer than ever before. A hinged lid opens easily and locks out of the way safely leaving both hands free for cleaning or service.

  • MedLine® Access Receiver
    MedLine® Access Receiver
    Value-Added Features at No Additional Cost

    Maintaining your material receivers is now faster, easier and safer than ever before. The angled canister design of the Conair Access™ Receiver enables effortless cleaning.

  • Conair MedLine® Duraload
    MedLine® DuraLoad Receiver
    Versatile, Rugged and Reliable Receivers

    Conair DuraLoad™ vacuum receivers ensure trouble-free conveying of plastic pellets and regrinds. Every DuraLoad is outfitted to answer the needs of your operation.

  • Conair MedLine® PD15
    MedLine® PD Pump
    High-Performance Vacuum Conveying Power

    Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps are designed for long distance, high-volume material conveying. Each model employs a powerful, rotating lobe-type blower.

  • Conair MedLine® TLR5
    MedLine® Medical Receiver
    All-Stainless Receivers for Cleanroom Use

    The MedLine MR Series Receivers provide trouble-free material transfer within a central vacuum system. Materials will always flow easily from the receiver without bridging.

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.