MedLine® MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks

MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Precision Sizing for Medical Tubing Products

Medline® MedVac flood-cooling sizing tanks are uniquely designed to meet the specialized process needs of medical tubing manufacturers. These high technology, vacuum sizing systems feature advanced digital controls for rock-steady precision to ensure optimum product quality for single and multilumen microbore heart catheters to large-gauge medical tubing.

Cleaner interior design

Tank interior is designed to ease cleanout by minimizing sharp corners and exposed threads where bacteria, pyrogens and other particulate matter can build up. Telescoping drip tray is one piece to aid wipe-down by eliminating open seams. Guide rollers inside the tank are attached to free-standing, removable mounts for cleaning.

Medical-grade filtration

Process water is segregated from the heat/cool circuit to eliminate contamination. System can be fitted with a UV water purifier and a 5 micron sedimentary pre-filter as options.

Easy set-up and operation

Narrow tank frame accommodates almost any extruder or melt pump, even three layer. Three-axis tank alignment system with hand wheels, linear slides and ball-screw actuators provide stable, precision positioning to within thousandths of an inch.


  • Stainless steel tank
  • Single piece, telescoping drip tray – easier to clean since there are no separate pieces to hide pyrogens or other contaminates.
  • Rounded bottom for easier cleaning – eliminates corners to ease cleanout and removal of contaminates.
  • Hinged one-half inch {12.7 mm} tempered glass tank lids – solid design restricts bending to provide excellent visibility of the product and uncompromised sealing.
  • Highly durable urethane swivel casters with jackscrews for positive positioning.
  • Rock-steady, 3-axis precision position adjustment offer fine adjustment, is tighter and less prone to vibration and unwanted movement during process of critical tubes.
  • Manual 12-inch {305 mm} longitudinal adjustment with hand wheel provides fast linear movement to and from the die.
  • Swing arm, pivoting control pod with ten-turn potentiometer speed control and vacuum gauge offers ease of access while allowing use of a co-extruder without frame interference.
  • Painted steel frame
  • Full capacity stainless steel reservoir with easy access glass lids.
  • Variable speed VFAC vacuum pressure blower – High CFM capacity with low RPM allows operation to 130 inches water {3.3 meters water} with minimum noise.
  • Stainless steel centrifugal water circulation pump and heat exchanger
  • Quick change, spin off filter
  • Float valve for automatic filling and make up
  • Adjustable water level control with thermometer.
  • Free-standing blank product roller assemblies lift out of the tank for easy cleaning.


  • Stainless steel tank with painted steel frame
  • Full-length stainless steel splash tray under main tank
  • Passivation of stainless components to minimize corrosion
  • Electropolish of main stainless components
  • Stainless steel plumbing package for deionized water for medical applications
  • Mounting of customer supplied ultra sonic wall unit in first 18 inches {457 mm} of vacuum chamber with water connections, including de-bubbling unit for water input
  • PAVC+ Ethernet or Analog interface and Temperature control
  • Ultraviolet water treatment unit
  • Filter housing with 5 micron rating filter
  • Increased vacuum capability of up to 200 inches water
  • UL certification

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