Eliminates Fines, Streamers and Tubing Wear from Resin Conveying

In resin conveying, conventional radius elbows are designed to “soften” the turn resin must take when changing direction. But traditional long or short radius bends, create undesirable friction from the high speed resin, creating heat, abrasion of the resin and the elbow, streamers and dust.

Now, with stainless steel or aluminum Pellbows, a compact “pocket” elbow installed in place of conventional bends, resin no longer rides against the inside wall of a radius elbow, but efficiently rolls across a collected pocket of resin. The results are a dramatic decrease in heat, dust, streamers and virtually no wearing of the elbow.

Easily replaces traditional elbows

Pellbows are offered in a wide range of stainless steel tubing diameters to match your system needs perfectly.

Minimal pressure drop

Long radius sweeps are not required to keep your resin moving. The smooth operation of Pellbows allow them to replace any radius sweep with minimal change to conveying.

Convey and purge with confidence

Resin is efficiently conveyed through the Pellbow pocket and is also efficiently purged in systems equipped with line purging capability.

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