Pellbow® Resin Conveying Hardware

Pellbow Resin Conveying Hardware

Eliminates Fines, Streamers and Tubing Wear from Resin Conveying

In resin conveying, conventional radius elbows are designed to “soften” the turn resin must take when changing direction. But traditional long or short radius bends, create undesirable friction from the high speed resin, creating heat, abrasion of the resin and the elbow, streamers and dust.

Available in stainless steel or aluminum, a Pellbow installed in place of conventional bends eliminates resin riding against the inside wall of a radius elbow. The results are a dramatic decrease in heat, dust, streamers and virtually no wearing of the elbow. By design, material flowing through the Pellbow accumulates in the pocket of the “impact zone” and moves gently upward and then out of the elbow. Material has no damage from impact.

Easily replaces traditional elbows

Pellbows are offered in a wide range tubing diameters to match your system needs perfectly. All sizes are available in aluminum and stainless steel. Selected sizes are available in cast ductile iron. For heavy duty applications, abrasive resistant alloy versions and coatings are available upon request.

Minimal pressure drop

Long radius sweeps are not required to keep your resin moving. The smooth operation of Pellbows allow them to replace any radius sweep with minimal change to conveying.

Convey and purge with confidence

Resin is efficiently conveyed through the Pellbow pocket and is also efficiently purged in systems equipped with line purging capability.

Compact, Self-Cleaning Pocket Elbow Guides Resin Across Resin

Resin conveying is an efficient, high speed process that moves pellets quickly to their destination. But conveying can be self-destructive when the resin being moved is abrasive and damaging to bends that must direct fast-moving resin in another direction. Elbows can quickly wear, from the inside out, resulting in lost resin, lost production, downtime and costly elbow replacement. Soft material conveying often results in the formation of streamers and dust from the same elbows. Pellbows solve these issues and many more by providing a smooth, compact pocket for temporary resin collection. Once filled with resin, the accumulation provides an efficient redirection of resin around the bend with no abrasive contact with the metal bend. This dynamic resin to resin contact creates no heat, and as a result, no resin abrasion, no streamers and no dust. And unlike competitive models, Pellbows rapidly and totally evacuate resin during purge cycles, permitting the use of multiple resins without contamination.

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