TrueBlend™ EXT

TrueBlend EXT

Gravimetric Batch Blending With Extrusion Yield Control

TrueBlend EXT Extrusion Control Blenders combine precision gravimetric batch blending with extrusion yield monitoring or control to provide the tightest possible output and blend quality control for single layer extrusion lines.

With the extrusion control option, you can control extruder output to 0.5% accuracy and blended batches to 0.025% accuracy. Tie in an encoder and take-off drive control and you can control line speed and product weight-per-length.

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Simple operator control meets every need

Designed for extruder operators with varying skill sets. Intuitive input and recipe screens are laid out according to the extrusion process. Touch buttons provide access to recipes, extruder output, line speed, weight-per-length, material usage, alarms and reports. Built-in help screens walk you effortlessly through set-up and operations.

Up-to-the-minute inventory reporting

TrueBlend EXT provides real time and historical trending production status reports. Comprehensive reports include; job name, recipe setpoint and actual, components, inventory and shift totals, alarms and more. Alarm log stores 100 or more events in memory. Automated reports can be sent direct to printer, USB or accumulated on a customer’s PC hard drive.

Anywhere access

The TrueBlend EXT comes standard with a built-in VNC viewer (Virtual Network Client) and OPC server. VNC allows remote Ethernet IP based monitoring and control anywhere within a private network and OPC offers simple integration with an extruder or plant supervisory control system. The control is supplied standard with Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and FTP. Optional interface protocols are available.


Safety first

All major electrical components are UL and CE approved. Material bins are provided standard with finger guards or optionally with bin access door interlocks. The mixing chamber access door is interlocked with the power supply to the blender motor and compressed air solenoids.

No spills, no leak chassis

Rugged, closed chassis assures all weighed pellets move from the weigh pan to the mixer to the machine. No pellets escape the chassis, improving operator safety and ensuring blend integrity.

100% visibility into the material bins

Material levels, ingredient type, and position are quickly identified and confirmed.

Internal, protected, no-stick vertical valves

Internal 2-way pneumatic valves are away from external operator access and are separated from the pellet flow by protective shrouds.


MedLine® TrueBlend™ reporting screen
TB Reports

Used to track and document material usage, alarms, batch and shift reports and recipes.

MedLine® TrueBlend air blow-off mix chamber level sensor
Air blow-off for mix chamber level sensor

This feature is integrated into the blender mix chamber to blow excessive dust and fines away from the mixing chamber sensor and ensure accurate level sensor reading.

MedLine® TrueBlend drain chute
Drain chute

The material drain chute readily installs to the chassis opening of the blender for fast and simple cleanout

MedLine® TrueBlend remote mixer demand sensor
Remote mixer demand sensor

This sensor provides a fill-to level option in a surge bin or other material receptacle that sits below a remote mounted blender.

Conair Level Alarm Control
Material level alarm control

Eliminate costly material shortage problems and machine downtime with this early warning system. The control monitors up to six material levels. Each sensor can be set as a high or low warning.

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