TrueBlend™ High Heat Models

Accurate Blending forHigh Heat Applications

TrueBlend High-Temperature Models allow processors running engineering plastics like ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate and PET to blend these resins after they have been dried.

Until now, processors had to blend the material before drying, but by doing so ran the risk that some ingredients could separate out of the mix during the drying and conveying process.

Like all TrueBlend models, the new high-heat blenders feature a fully enclosed cabinet design assuring no pellet spillage and clean operation. Standard convenience features, such as wide access doors on each component bin, a hinged chassis access door and removable components in the mixing chamber reduce material waste and downtime during clean out.

Blend accuracy to 1/2%

Colorant and/or additive weights are held to within 0.5% of the requested ratio. The control automatically calibrates after each cycle and corrects for variations in material and dispensing.

Easy-to-use control

Enter the percentages of the blend using the touchscreen. The blender does the rest. The system automatically adds ingredients in the proper ratio and maintains the correct level of material in the mix chamber.

Convenient, easy clean out

Electrically interlocked access doors provide fast, safe cleaning of component bins. The weigh bin, mix blade and mix chamber slide out for easy cleaning.


Choose from two temperature levels. TBA models cover medium processing temperatures, those ranging up to 250°F {121°C}. TBH models handle higher processing temperatures – up to 375°F {191°C}. Both are specifically designed to accept engineered resins that have been dried prior to processing.

TBH Models

Each access door opening has two round heat-treated sight glasses.

TBH Models

High temperature, heat-treated sight glasses.

TrueBlend™ safety interlock
TBH and TBA Models

Safety disconnect has been relocated to the outside of the door.

TrueBlend™ high temperature level sensors
TBH Models

High temperature level sensors. Located on the rear of the unit.


Dry air blanket

Introduce hot dry air to the material bins of your blender with the dry air blanket option. This option blankets the material compartments and mixing chamber with dry air to prevent moisture regain during processing. Available on both the TBA and TBH models.

MedLine® TrueBlend drain chute
Drain chute

The material drain chute readily installs to the chassis opening of the blender for fast and simple cleanout.

MedLine® TrueBlend air blow-off mix chamber level sensor
Air blow-off for mix chamber level sensor

This feature is integrated into the blender mix chamber to blow the dust and fines away from the sensing device and ensure accurate level sensor reading.

MedLine® TrueBlend remote mixer demand sensor
Remote mixer demand sensor

This sensor provides a fill-to level option in a surge bin or other material receptacle that sits below a remote mounted blender.

Conair Level Alarm Control
Material level alarm control

Eliminate costly material shortage problems and machine downtime with this early warning system. The control monitors up to six material levels. Each sensor can be set as a high or low warning.

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