Gravimetric Precision for Material Loading

Now the precision gravimetric gain-in-weight accuracy and reliability used for decades in Conair’s TrueBlend™ blenders can be used in conveying and loading systems. Conair’s TrueRate™ is a sensing device that applies today’s weighing technology to the process of loading material into a hopper, surge bin, or material storage container.

The TrueRate™ can be used for multiple purposes that will add current technology and eliminate the guesswork from material loading. The TrueRate™ gives you the ability to:
• Calculate and display the weight for each load cycle
• Tabulate the running throughput in lbs/hr {Kg/hr}
• Display the total lbs/hr {Kg/hr} usage by time period
• Convey/dose an exact amount of resin to a destination bin

Weight & throughput rate accuracy to 1%

The tried and true gravimetric system that has provided this level of accuracy in blenders is now capable of the same levels of accuracy in your loading system. Without any sensing system, you’re practically clueless to the true material use and rate of your loading system. A totalizer system offers some comfort of a measurement, but not great accuracy. The TrueRate offers complete confidence that you know exactly how much material you’re using where, and at what rate.

Intuitive control with live data

The optional 4.3-inch touch screen gives instant readings of data. No “few-minute” lag time issues here.

500 resin and product codes for accurate inventory and resin use

Resin codes are used to identify the resin processed by the TrueRate. There can be up to 500 different resin codes entered, with a solid density and a bulk density. The TrueRate will keep inventory totals for each resin code defined.


  • Heavy-duty construction – protects sensor units
  • Communication options – connect to other systems/equipment
  • Alarms – notification of resin issues/rate issues before blending, drying, processing.
  • Conair SmartServices™ and SQL reports compatible
  • Load cell, gain-in-weight gravimetric accuracy to within 1%.
  • Accommodates all common supply loaders/receivers (24VDC)
  • Multiple load cell platform scale for maximum mechanical stability (TrueRate 8 has two load cells, TrueRate 12 has three.)
  • Add the optional dosing valve to convey/dose an exact amount of material to a destination bin.

Optional Dosing Valve

The optional dosing valve is designed to be used with the TrueRate to allow for measuring and dosing specific amounts of material into a bin/vessel below the TrueRate. Adding this valve is perfect for any application where a very precise amount of material is desired for processing, eliminating materi-al starving or flooding. The TrueRate senses the amount of mate-rial accumulating in the vessel and uses a pneumatic cylinder to close the valve when the desired amount of material is ready for use, preventing overfilling or under-filling the vessel. The pneumatic cylinder opens again once the TrueRate senses that it is ready for the next batch of material, and the TrueRate begins the fill sequence again.

Model Comparison