Most people in the plastics industry know Conair for a wide variety of auxiliary equipment, including heat-transfer products like temperature control units, portable and central chillers, adiabatic coolers, cooling tower systems, pump tanks, heat exchangers, strainers and filters, and more.

But not as many people know that Conair has a dedicated Water Systems team that estimates, designs, engineers, installs, and project-manages water system projects from start to finish. This highly experienced team – a subset of Conair’s larger Systems Group – can not only source all of the equipment you need for a plant-wide water system, but can also design, plumb, and pipe everything together to bring you a water system solution.  From concept to reality – the Conair heat-transfer team has you covered. We provide water systems for every plastics processing application – injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, compression molding, and everything in-between.

Many processors are concerned about the impact of new refrigerant requirements on heat-transfer systems. These requirements can vary by state, county, city, and even township. The experts at Conair can help you navigate these regulations and ensure you fully comply with new requirements based on your water system location.  Whether you need to use R410A or R454B refrigerant, Conair offers a full line of equipment to meet these requirements.

We take a systems-eye view of water needs.

From the development of a greenfield facility to the modernization or expansion of an existing processing plant, Conair’s Water Systems team has your back. We know that an energy efficient, high-performance heat-transfer system not only relies on top-notch equipment, but on well-designed and properly installed piping, valves, filtration, and treatment resources that bring the pieces together to ensure reliable, trouble-free process cooling capacity.

With experience molded by decades in the plastics business and deep knowledge of the operational needs – and limitations – of every component in your process cooling system, Conair offers specialized knowledge and implementation skill that ordinary mechanical contractors can’t match. Along with the science of the equipment we specify to meet your needs, we bring the arts of careful design, skilled project management and painstaking installation to provide water systems that:

  • Are installed with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Are thoughtfully engineered to easily accommodate future growth, larger processing machines, or plant expansions.
  • Minimize ongoing water consumption and utility costs.
  • Minimize the impact of “dirty” water – hard water, minerals, and sediments – which can harm pipes, valves, heat exchangers, or process equipment.
  • Simplify monitoring and proactive system maintenance through integration with SmartServices®, Conair’s Industry 4.0 process monitoring and management system.

We install dozens of water systems each year.

Our team features a seasoned group of project planners, estimators, engineers, project managers, and installation personnel who specialize in water system projects and complete dozens of heat-transfer systems across North America every year.

Typically, we design and build systems around three key elements:

  • A heat-exchange or cooling source, such as a cooling tower or chiller, supplemented by temperature control units to cope with individual process-temperature variations.
  • A pump tank, which provides a reservoir for warm returning water that’s going to the chiller or tower system, either of which make cool water that’s headed back to the process.
  • Water filtration or treatment to keep process water clean and free of harmful sediments or minerals so that can be recirculated again and again.

Among the newer options for water systems are Conair’s line of adiabatic cooling towers, which utilize the “free” cooling capacity available in ambient air flows and temperatures to minimize energy consumption and water usage while maximizing process cooling capacity.

We’ve got solutions for your water systems needs.

Speak with one of the dedicated, expert members of Conair’s Water Systems team to learn more. Call 724-584-5500 or email