EarthSmart™ ESTW Series Adiabatic Towers

Conair cooling tower system

Energy Efficient Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic cooling systems are ideal for processors with concerns about their water supply and process water purity, where conventional tower systems could put their process at risk. The EarthSmartTM Adiabatic Tower (ESTW Series) design provides efficient, easily managed heat control with less need for maintenance than other systems. All this is accomplished with smart motor technology and a simple fluid flow through the system to bring temperatures down to the right level.

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Closed loop purity, minimal water consumption

The EarthSmart™ Towers circulate process fluid inside the tubes of the cooler coils isolating it from ambient contamination. This fluid is cooled by circulating ambient air across the coils. As air passes through the wetted pads, water is evaporated and the air inside the unit is lowered to provide process fluid cooling.

Strong, resilient coil design

Coils are supported independently of the frame, allowing for natural expansion and contraction which eliminates wear points and extends the lifespan of the coil.

Smart fan technology; smooth and quiet operation

One piece fan and motor units provide powerful cooling performance and energy savings. Variable fan speed is automatically controlled to minimize energy use. Motor repair switches allow fans to be individually serviced without stopping the process.


Motor repair switches

Provides a non-fused fan motor safety-switch for each fan of a single row unit (ESTW-12 through ESTW-14) or one for each pair of fans on a dual-row unit (ESTW-22 through ESTW-29). Inside the fluid cooler each fan of a single-row unit or each pair of fans on a double-row unit are separated with an air deflector plate to allow a fan motor to be serviced without stopping the unit.

Epoxy coated fins

An epoxy coating is applied to the fins to protect them from damage in coastal installations where the aluminum fins on standard units are prone to corrosion from the presence of salt in the air. This option is recommended if the fluid cooler is installed within five miles of a coastal area. The epoxy coating has a slight insulating effect and the ability of the fins to dissipate heat is slightly diminished with approximately a 7% reduction in the overall capacity of the unit.

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