There’s sometimes a problem with making the best equipment in the industry – it often lasts forever (or so it seems). We’ve heard repeatedly, “I’d love to buy a new [dryer, blender, etc.] but the old one just keeps working!”

The disadvantage to making equipment that really lasts is that sometimes you, the customer, really could benefit from advancements/innovation in new equipment.

With the SB-1 to SB-4 control upgrade for your TrueBlend gravimetric blender, you get the best of both worlds. Many times, there is simply nothing wrong with the TrueBlend blender you purchased between 2003 and 2014. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like to take advantage of the advancements that Conair has made to blending control since then.

The SB-4 advantage:

SB-1 SB-4
Control loading for 1 blender and pump. Control loading for 5 blenders and pumps.
Create/store 50-100 recipes. Create/store 3000 recipes, 4000 materials.
Basic alarms. Detailed alarms, with 100 events and data included.
Remote protocols available: Modbus TCP Material usage/totals screen tracks batches, weights.
Diagnostic screen verifies accuracy.
Remote protocols available: Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, OPC UA, SQL, and SmartServices

Conair’s SB-4 control uses an advanced “feed-forward” dosing algorithm that dispenses and weighs with 0.025% accuracy. Not only are these controls more accurate each batch, they keep getting smarter with every batch, every day, every month.

If you’re interested in the SB-4 control, you don’t need to “accidently” run the fork truck into your circa 2006 blender, you can simply upgrade the control. Conair offers an SB-1 to SB-4 upgrade at a fraction of the cost of a new blender.

And for those of you with a control even before the SB-1, don’t feel left out. You can upgrade your WSB/GB control (yep, the ones with the thumb wheels) to a SB-4 touch screen control!

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Upgrading Your TrueBlend Blender from SB-1 to SB-4, the Easiest Decision You’ll Make All Week!

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