Configurable Cutting Chamber For Multiple Applications

Conair 12-Series Viper Granulators have an innovative and adaptable hardened cutting chamber that allows these granulators to be configured with different cutting chamber geometries to meet specific application requirements.

These quiet, heavy-duty plastic granulators feature two styles of cutting chamber geometry from super tangential to tangential, accommodating virtually everything from large bulky parts to heavy-wall profiles, sheets to sprues and runners. The result is increased throughput, greater efficiency and a more consistent and uniform regrind.

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Hardened cutting chamber

The hardened cutting chamber provides greater resistance to wear.

Greater screen area equals higher throughput with fewer fines

Increased rotor and screen contact area reduces heat generation and minimizes fines for best-in-class throughput of higher quality regrind.

Pre-Adjustable knives with scissor-cutting

Provides the ultimate in blade changes. The scissor-cutting knives are pre-set in the included knife setting fixture decreasing the time it takes to replace knives while improving safety and delivering the highest quality regrind.

Bolted, hardened steel cutting chamber for replaceable wear components

Screen equal to approximately 50% of the rotor diameter

Rotor equipped with rotating end disks

Scissor-cutting configuration

  • Soundproofed hopper and base sound enclosure
  • Rotor equipped with rotating end disks
  • Roller bearings mount integral with cutting chamber
  • Easy tool-free access for simple and quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Hopper opening assisted by gas cylinder
  • Scissor-cutting configuration
  • Pre-adjustable knives
  • Open area screen equal to approximately 50% of the rotor diameter
  • Hardened cutting chamber
  • Water-cooled cutting chamber
  • Locking, swivel casters (not available on model 1227)
  • Integrated electrical control panel
  • Discharge for blower

  • High-wear knives and screens
  • Feed tray
  • Feed roll package
  • Hopper for pipes and sheets
  • High-amp control with alarm
  • High-level control with alarm
  • Anti-longs screen
  • Funnel for conveying feed
  • Large volume hopper
  • Hopper for relief head
  • Blower evacuation systems
  • Discharge for vacuum take-off
  • Feed conveyor with metal detection