8 Series Viper Granulators

8 Series Viper Granulator

Less Floor-Space; Quiet Design, Great Versatility

Conair’s Viper Granulator 8-Series tangential granulators have footprint dimensions at least 30% smaller than many other granulators with similar capabilities. The hardened, tangential cutting chamber is ideal for handling lightweight bulky parts such as bottles, as well as runners, film, edge trim and parts.

Different hopper designs are available to maximize performance with a wide variety of scrap types. Fully soundproofed base and hopper makes the 8-Series quieter than other small granulators. A tilt-back hopper and drop-down screen cradle provide easy access to the cutting chamber for maintenance and cleaning. These features contribute to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

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Hardened cutting chamber

The hardened cutting chamber provides greater resistance to wear.

Greater screen area equals higher throughput with fewer fines

Increased rotor and screen contact area reduces heat generation and minimizes fines for best-in-class throughput of higher quality regrind.

Safe, tool-less, full-front access

Hinged components and a drop-down screen cradle provide easy access to the cutting chamber and screen area for adjustment and quick cleaning. Integral safety interlocks prevent accidental operation during service or clean out.


Rugged design, fully soundproofed hopper and base, uniform regrind with less fines, simple maintenance — the 8-Series has become the most reliable solution for in-line size reduction.

  • Hardened cutting chamber
  • Flywheel-type rotor pulley mounted with taper-lock bushing
  • Open area screen equal to approximately 50% of the rotor diameter
  • Easy tool-free access for simple and quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Locking, swivel casters
  • Discharge for vacuum loading

Integrated electrical control panel

Welded steel rotor with rotating end disks

Scissor-cutting configuration

Roller bearings mounted on cutting chamber


  • High-wear knives and screens
  • Feed Tray
  • Feed Roll package (Model 817 only)
  • Hopper for pipes and sheets
  • High-amp control with alarm
  • High-level control with alarm
  • Anti-longs screen
  • Manual discharge bin
  • Discharge for blower
  • Discharge with auger screw
  • Blower evacuation systems
  • Compressed air evacuation (CAML) system
  • Feed conveyor with metal detection

Model Comparison

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