Access™ JIT Material Hoppers

Access™ JIT Material Hoppers

Finally... Safety and Convenience Built into a Material Hopper

These rugged stainless steel hoppers are ideal for throat mount applications where a material reservoir is required. Material handlers appreciate the convenience of the hinged lid design, which allows efficient hopper cleanout without removal of the loader or receiver. The lid even locks in place when it’s in the open position so both hands can be used to clean the hopper. Safety and convenience in one design!

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Simple, fast clean out

With the lid safely hinged out of the way there is wide open access to the interior of the material hopper for wiping the unit clean. The material drainport is designed so that flexible conveying hose can be attached for spill free material changeovers.

See material flow

Dual sight glasses with a provision for an adjustable level sensor allow quick material level verification.

Hinged loader mount

No tools are needed to quickly hinge the hopper lid safely out of the way. Eliminates the need to remove the loader/receiver during cleanout.

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