Access™ Series Receiver

Access Series Vacuum Receiver

Easier Access For Simplified Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your material receivers is now faster, easier and safer than ever before. That’s because the unique angled canister design of the Conair Access Receiver means workers don’t need to climb as high or work as hard to service the drop-in filter or wipe out the stainless steel canister.

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The world's most reliable discharge valve

Now in cast aluminum, for years of trouble-free performance.

Integrates with existing loading systems

Modular design allows your Access Receiver to be outfitted for your specific requirements including voltage, line size and material inlet orientation.

Option packages to suit your needs

Popular options are combined for easy selection and integrated into your receiver purchase.


  • Stainless steel cylindrical, angled body for easy access to internal drop-in disk filter.
  • All material contact surfaces are built of pristine stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion.
  • Cast aluminum base.
  • Protective stand-offs.
  • Integral discharge flapper.


MedLine® Access Receiver stainless steel JIT hopper
Stainless steel JIT Hopper

Fill machine throats directly with “Just-In-Time” stainless steel hoppers. Three sizes are available. Hinged lids with hold-up arms allow easy access for cleaning and inspection without removing the receiver. A drop-in grate magnet may be included. A remote demand sensor bracket and clean out chute are provided on JIT-20 and JIT-40 models.

MedLine® Access Receiver glass hopper
Glass Hopper

AR-2 model Access Receivers can be mounted directly to a machine throat with a pristine direct feed glass hopper. Three capacities are available to accommodate throughput and/or shot size needs. Quick disconnect clamps allow easy receiver removal. An optional drop-in grate magnet maybe provided. A height-adjustable demand sensor bracket is included, allowing fill level adjustments.

Gravity discharge valve

The gravity discharge valve uses a non-contact, magnetic reed switch to signal receiver demand. Stand-offs provide a heavy-duty guard to prevent discharge valve damage. The large opening eliminates material bridging.

Remote demand sensor

To trigger the operation of the receiver
(demand) from a location other than below the receiver, a remote demand sensor may be used. The remote demand sensor is useful on oversized drying hoppers to sense material through a sight glass. Extension cables are available.

High-wear kit

A Stainless Steel deflector plate is added to the inside of the receiver’s body reducing wear from highly abrasive materials, such as glass-filled compounds.

Volume fill sensor

Shuts off the receiver’s vacuum sequence when the receiver is full. A LED will illuminate on the ELC control if the vacuum sequence has not satisfied the receiver’s demand.

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