Handy Hopper

Handy Hopper

See-Through Hopper with Disposable Material Cone

The Conair Handy Hopper is a convenient, time-saving replacement for your machine hopper.

The Handy Hopper’s clear vinyl or polycarbonate cone allows you to monitor material flow right at the machine throat. The integral slide gate and see-through cone can be removed easily with no tools.

Handy Hoppers are available in two capacities: 1.5 ft3 and 3.0 ft3. Either model can be ordered with a rigid, inter- changeable polycarbonate cone. The 1.5 ft3 model also can be ordered with disposable vinyl hopper cones.

Inexpensive, replaceable cone

The 1.5 ft3 Handy Hopper comes with 5 replaceable vinyl cones or a polycarbonate cone. The 3.0 ft3 hopper comes with a rigid, interchangeable polycarbonate cone.

Supports blender or loader

The durable steel frame is rugged enough to support a blender or loader at the processing machine throat.

Fast, easy material changes

Save time on material changes with the Handy Hopper’s no-tools design, which allows you to remove the entire viewing cone and slide gate in minutes.


Grate Magnet

The optional grate magnet with slide gate traps metal particles in the material before they can enter the processing machine.

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