Automatic Source to Destination Coupling Station

Conair’s AutoRSS (Automatic Resin Selection Station) takes material selection to the next level. 100% automated. 100% proofed. An operator simply uses the SmartFLX conveying control to input which source needs to feed which destination. The AutoRSS does the rest. It’s fast and precise, with complete traceability. All the internal piping in the AutoRSS is made with special hardened stainless steel, for high-wear resistance.

Available with between 20-60 inlets, and 20-60 outlets, the AutoRSS can be sized to fit your conveying system needs.

*Consult with Conair to determine the model capabilities based on your line size and process needs.

Eliminates Operator Error

No more accidental conveying of material to the wrong destination. The Conair SmartFLX allows for customized naming of the sources and destinations. The operator simply chooses the correct source and destination and the AutoRSS does all the rest. The system eliminates the possibility of the wrong tube being connected.

Complete Traceability

The SmartFLX records every time material is sent to each receiver. So you’ll have proofing, with a complete record of every time conveying occurred, and what resin was sent to what receiver.


Available with solid panel sides or plexiglass side panels