Bulk Distribution Boxes

Conair bulk distribution box

Modular Construction for Easy Expansion

Because Conair’s Bulk Distribution Boxes are modular; material outlets may be added as your needs grow. Any module may be directed towards your material destination to assure the easiest possible line routing. The box modules are the industry standard 16-inch square bolt pattern and allow for a wide variety of line sizes, draining and easy cleanout options.

Aluminum and stainless steel construction

For years of trouble-free performance.

Easy air-to-material ratio adjustment

To prevent material from surging, starving or jamming.

Modular, expandable

Additional outlets may be added when needed.

Quick Cleanout/Easy Drain

Add any of these options directly to the base of your material vessel or below any Distribution Box Modules.

Conair auxiliary equipment
SB Module

The SB Module is perfect for frequent material change overs. Equipped with up o three material outlets plus a drain port (with slide ate), the hinged bottom may be hand released after draining and the round bot-tom wiped clean. For close clearance installations, where there is not enough room for the swing down chamber, the single outlet RB Module (not shown), also with a round bottom, may be bolted in place.

Conair MDB 004
Slide Bottom Plate

Allows full access to the underside of your bin and the inside of the Distribution Box for fast, easy cleaning and inspection (not recommended for partial draining of the bin).

Conair auxiliary equipment
Transition with Valve

Is designed for manual filling of gaylords or barrels and assures full draining with no dead spots and easy on/off flow control.

Conair auxiliary equipment
Slide Bottom with Valve

Allows you to drain material then slide the bottom open for thorough cleanout and inspection. The valve plate is also available in a nonslide version.

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