Bolted Steel or Aluminum Silos

Conair bolted steel silo

Low Cost Exportable Bulk Storage

Conair’s bolted steel or aluminum silos are shipped unassembled. They can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world and assembled at the customer’s plant.
The individual panels of a bolted steel silo are epoxy coated on the inside to keep material contamination free. The outside is primed and enamel coated to prevent rusting. Aluminum panels do not require internal or external painting or coating.

Reduced freight costs

Because bolted silos are delivered in pieces, they can generally be shipped by commercial carrier.

Customized to fit your needs

Options include a safety cage and rest platform for silos over 30 feet, a ladder and a slide gate shut-off which is pre-drilled to accept an optional Conair Distribution Box.

Many standard features

Included as standard are a prefabricated roof with manhole/vent combination, perimeter guardrail with safety toe board and railing. Also, a vacuum receiver mounting flange, truck-fill nipple, ladder, high and low level indicator mounts, mounting flange for the slide gate shut-off, a fully enclosed weatherproof vented silo skirt, and a louvered access door in the skirt of the silo is included. If two or more silos are purchased at once, a four foot (span) crossover walkway is provided.

Bolted Steel or Aluminum Silos Product Resources

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