Common Line Valves

Conair common line valve

Isolate Receivers in Common Material Line Systems

Externally mounted Line Valves effectively stop the flow of material to vacuum receivers for trouble-free operation of common or single material line conveying systems.

At rest, the inlet is closed, allowing the valve to isolate the receiver from the common material line of central systems. When the vacuum sequence valve opens, the line valve allows material to fill the receiver.

Modular design

Screw-in components allow common wear parts to be easily replaced and line sizes to be changed without the need of purchasing another valve on models CV-1 and CV-2.

Smooth aluminum body

A non-corrosive, smooth path for material flow.

Easy to clean

Removable with no tools, the lid provides wide open access.


High Performance

The high performance Common Line Valve has a stainless steel inlet and outlet, includes a high temperature Viton seal in the pneumatic cylinder and a specially plated and heat-treated valve body, lid and plunger for maximum wear-resistance. The high performance valve is optimized for use with high tem-perature materials, those exceeding 225°F {107°C}, and for highly abrasive materials including glass-filled resins and sharp regrind.

Vacuum valve operation

Although specifically designed to handle the flow of material, Common Line Valves may also be used for controlling air flow, to shut off the flow of vacuum air to receivers, or operate in response to vacuum control systems for pumps.

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