Adjustable Purge Valves

Material Line Valve

Control Material Flow and Purge Lines

The Adjustable Purge Valve (APV) controls material flow from a hopper or surge bin, and is ideal for use with central drying and conveying systems.

The APV releases material into the conveying lines as needed, and then purges the material lines to prevent material cross-contamination and/or moisture regain.

The APV can be used in either dry or ambient air conveying applications.

Design ensures complete purging

This valve design ensures positive material shut off and successfully evacuates all material from the valve during purging.

Flexible installation

Equipped with a 360° swiveling material outlet which allows quick placement of equipment during installation.

Modular components; easy maintenance

Bolt-on components allow common wear parts to be easily maintained without the need for removing the entire valve.

Model Comparison