E1F Series Fiberglass Cooling Towers

E1F Series Fiberglass Cooling Towers

High-Efficiency, Budget-Friendly Cooling

Conair’s E1F Series Cooling Towers are lightweight fiberglass towers designed for corrosion resistance, low maintenance, and efficient operation at a competitive price.

These towers are carefully engineered and manufactured with the optimum combination of heat transfer media, uniform air flow, and even water distribution to minimize operating costs.

Conair’s E1F Series induced draft, counterflow towers are rust-proof, not just rust-protected.

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Rust-free design

Fiberglass tower casing, basin and air inlet louvers have a smooth exterior gel-coat with UV inhibitors. Galvanized steel supports and stainless steel fasteners prevent rust.

Costs less to install

The main casing and basin ship fully-assembled. To prevent shipping damage, the fan motor, fan blade and sprinkler head assembly ship uninstalled requiring only minor field assembly to complete tower installation.

Simple inlet/outlet connections

The E1F features single-point inlet water connections. Choose the optional side outlet with make-up float valve, or the standard bottom outlet for use with remote tanks and sumps. Drain and overflow connections are included.


  • Durable fiberglass shell resists corrosion and harsh weather conditions.
  • Convenient sight glass for inspection of internal features or for maintenance.
  • Detachable fiberglass inlet louvers making it easy to clean and inspect the basin.
  • Totally enclosed fan motor.
  • Direct-drive cast aluminum or polypropylene fan, angled for optimal air movement.
  • Self-rotating, nonferrous water distribution system with no-clog openings.
  • PVC fill media maximizing air/water contact which optimizes heat transfer.

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