E4 Series Forced Draft Cooling Towers

E4 Series Forced Draft Cooling Towers

Efficient Cooling with Minimum Maintenance

Conair’s E4 series induced draft, counterflow cooling towers offer more cooling, but require less space and less maintenance.

From the rust-proof molded polyethylene tower shell to the corrosion-resistant direct drive fan assembly, E4 towers contain fewer components that could fail and hamper performance.

All water connections, the water distribution system and the cellular fill are made of PVC to resist rot, decay and biological attack.

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Easy inlet/outlet connections

Single-point inlet water connection. Choose the optional side outlet with make-up float valve, or the standard bottom outlet for use with remote tanks and sumps.

Seamless, rust-free design

Our one-piece MDPE tower shell will not rust, corrode, chip, crack or require protective coating or painting. There are no seams, panels or rivets to fail or compromise performance. All fasteners are 304 stainless steel.

Costs less to install

Lightweight design reduces rigging and structural roof support requirements. Everything is factory assembled for easy installation. Simply attach the fan assembly to the tower, and hook up the water and electricity.

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