MCB Series Cooling Tank

MCB Cooling Tank

Uniform Cooling for Tube, Pipe and Profile

Conair MCB Series cooling tanks provide flood or optional spray cooling of profile, tubing and pipe extrusions up to 6 inches {152 mm}.

Flood cooling is designed to provide maximum turbulence. To break up the warmer water that tends to surround and insulate the product, allowing maximum cooling efficiency. Optional spray cooling enhances the heat transfer rate through evaporative cooling.

An adjustable rotary water level control is used to easily adjust process water level for flood or spray cooling.

Easy to operate

Adjustments and water valves are positioned for ease of operation.

Tank lengths from 7 to 30 feet {2133 to 9144 mm}

Cross sections range from 8 x 8 {203 x 203 mm} to 16 x 16 inches {406 x 406 mm}. The wide range of sizes allows you to choose a tank that meets your needs.


  • Add a 2 Hp (40 gpm), 5 Hp (100 gpm) or 7.5 Hp (180 gpm) recirculation system and high efficiency heat exchanger; a process filter for a 2 Hp, 5 Hp or 7.5 Hp pump; longitudinal and side-to-side adjustments; spray bars and tank lids made from polycarbonate
  • Thermometer for upper tank or reservoir
  • Up to 90 gallon capacity reservoir
  • 2-inch filter systen with flush capabilities sized for minimum pressure drop
  • Four schedule 80 pvc distributions bars with high velocity brass spray nozzles for enhanced evaporative cooling
  • UL certification

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