DT Series Dump Tables

Dump Table

Automatic Cycles for Consistent Operation

Conair DT Series Dump Tables provide a long, stable holding surface for pipe, tubing, and profiles as they emerge from extrusion operations. Located directly after the cutter or saw, the DT provides a smooth, firm landing until cutting is complete, then automatically dumps the cut extrusion to an off-line location, then quickly returns to home position, ready to accept the next length. The dump sequence is fully automated and typically programmed to occur as soon as the extruded product is cut to length and needs to be moved to make way for the next piece.

The use of a Conair Dump Table eliminates typical hang-up points in large extruded product operations, preserving finished product integrity and uniformity.

Simple-to-use operation

Simply adjust the table’s floor bolts to the center line height of your process and connect to 115 Volts. DT series Dump Tables tilt when it’s pneumatic cylinder is activated by a control signal or the table’s flag switch has been triggered.

Reduced maintenance

All stainless steel material contact points and a welded-steel frame offer long life with only routine maintenance.

Available in a variety of size ranges

Choose from a variety of table widths and lengths or choose to upgrade to the optional DT20-12 HD model when processing large pipe, tubing or profiles. Consult Conair for the best choice for your application.

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