Small Batch Gravimetric Blending For Cleanrooms

Get accurate blends, better mixing, faster material changes and increased profits with Conair’s TrueBlend Series Blenders. Steep-sided material compartments allow resin to flow evenly and freely through vertical dispense valves into the weigh chamber. Efficient mixing assures full integration of all recipe ingredients. Fully enclosed cabinet design assures no pellet spillage and clean operation. Standard convenient features such as quick access material compartment bins, a hinged chassis access door and removable components in the mixing chamber reduce downtime during cleanout.

Blend accuracy to 1/2%

Colorant and/or additive weights are held to within 0.5% of setting. A selectable Precision Additive™ feature is also available for additives for even greater accuracy. The microprocessor control automatically calibrates after every cycle and compensates for variations in dispense method, resin bulk density or particle geometry.

Calibrated to ISO standards

The MedLine TB45 is calibrated to ISO standards, perfect for any cleanroom application. The touch screen is chemical resistant, and easily cleaned by iso-propyl alcohol. The RAL 9003 paint maintains the clean bright look you would expect in a cleanroom.

Convenient, easy clean out

Easy access to all material contact points for fast and safe cleaning during color or resin changes. Quick access material compartment bins, a removable weigh bin, mix agitator and mix chamber liner allow quick efficient cleaning. The blender features a built-in manual material shut-off valve below the mixing chamber, this can be replaced with the automatic flow control valve for remote and central blending applications.

This easy-to-use touchscreen control allows for fast setup of blender setpoints and automatically weighs recipe ingredients in the proper sequence to maintain correct blend relationship. Any position can be identified as any of the four material type selections, adding flexibility to your application setup.

MedLine® TrueBlend material usage screen
Instantly see your materials usage

Material usage/totals screen tracks the number of batches, weights dispensed by bin and weight dispensed in total since the last reset

MedLine® TrueBlend active recipe screen
View and make changes to the active recipe

Save and recall up to 3000 recipes and 4000 resin names in the Recipe Book

TrueBlend™ Reporting Screen
Built-in reporting

Every SB-4 Blender control is equipped with the capability to help users track their settings, alarms, material consumption, shift and inventory needs

MedLine® TrueBlend diagnostics screen
On-call diagnostics

Diagnostic screen displays target set point percentage and actual percentage dispensed. Also displays start and finish weights for each material per batch. Verifies true and accurate blend performance.

SmartBlend SB-4

Premium touchscreen control offers these high performance functions to target the unique process needs of molders and extruders.
  • Best choice for the needs of rapidly changing custom jobs or sophisticated extrusion and molding applications with complex and highly critical recipes.
  • Progressively approaches each ingredient target. Never overshoots. If setpoint is not met, remainder is recalculated to correct.
  • Precision metering yields industry’s best batch-to-batch accuracy.
  • Precision ratio control – all components.
  • Individual material accuracy settings.
  • SMTP Email alarm notification capable.
  • VNC viewer for displaying and using the control screen on a larger monitor.
MedLine® TrueBlend™ reporting screen
TB Reports

Used to track and document material usage, alarms, batch and shift reports and recipes.

MedLine® TrueBlend air blow-off mix chamber level sensor
Air blow-off for mix chamber level sensor

This feature is integrated into the blender mix chamber to blow excessive dust and fines away from the mixing chamber sensor and ensure accurate level sensor reading.

MedLine® TrueBlend remote HMI operator cable
Remote HMI operator cable

Place the SB-4 control up to six meters away with convenient plug-in cable set.

MedLine® TrueBlend remote mixer demand sensor
Remote mixer demand sensor

This sensor provides a fill-to level option in a surge bin or other material receptacle that sits below a remote mounted blender.

MedLine® TrueBlend TB45 alarm control
Material level alarm control

Eliminate costly material shortage problems and machine downtime with this early warning system. The control monitors up to six material levels. Each sensor can be set as a high or low warning.

MedLine® TrueBlend TB45 drain chute
Drain chute

For fast, safe, thorough and simple blender draining prior to cleanout. The drain chute quickly installs over the blender front opening.