MedLine® TrueFeed Touch Control

TrueFeed™ Touch Control

Gravimetric Feeder Touch Control For Cleanroom Applications

Selecting the touchscreen control option for your gravimetric feeder gives precise control, optimum efficiency, and extreme savings. Using continuous loss-in-weight measuring, this TrueFeed™ Touch Control continuously calibrates dosages and adjusts automatically, ensuring the best results with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

This 8-inch touchscreen control is now available for all Conair TrueFeed Gravimetric Feeders, allowing very simple operation of single and multi-component systems.

Touch screen simplicity

Simple to navigate, the screen visually displays parameters, alarm descriptions, calibration process, current system status, and allows for download of history to a flash drive.

Cleanroom ready

Designed for medical applications, the MedLine TrueFeed Touch is chemical resistant, calibrated to ISO standards, and features stainless steel housing.

Up to 50% savings of additives

Saving up to 50% of additives yields a huge return on your investment.


MedLine® TrueFeed Touch control double station setup
Double station setup

The TrueFeed™Touch allows you to view and control both feeders on the same screen, simplifying work with multiple feeders.

TrueFeed™ Touch Control panel
Four component setup

Processors can view four components all on one screen, and make changes to each component as necessary. From one screen, you can see which materials are currently filling and dosing.

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