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S Series Granulators

S Series Viper Granulator

Screenless Slow Speed Beside-the-Press Recycling

Compact S Series Granulators are ideally suited for metered robot or conveyor feed beside small injection molding machines.

This quiet, energy efficient granulator features a screenless cutter housing and ultra-low rotor speed to reduce sprues and runners to consistently sized granules, virtually free of fines and longs.

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Multi-tooth rotor

Multi-tooth rotor cleanly reduces sprues and runners to consistent sized particles. Rotors with D2 teeth and cutting wheels can be re-sharpened. The automatic reversing option helps to clear obstructed material.

Easy portability

Large casters allow easy movement; the S Series conveniently services multiple presses. The small footprint accommodates tight spaces and the wide-mouth, flared in-feed hopper easily handles a range of robot or conveyor drops and sprue/runner sizes.

Quiet operation

The S Series low-speed rotor decreases noise levels with most materials to as low as 80 dbA and in some cases as low as 70 dbA, eliminating the need for sound enclosures.


  • Infeed hopper specifically designed for beside-the-press manual or robot-fed loading
  • No sizing screen (screenless)
  • Clear-view hopper design allows the operator to see the material being processed
  • Emergency stop button
  • Energy saving low horsepower
  • Uniform granule size
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • No special tools are required to open the granulator
  • D2 crusher blades and cutting wheels
  • Re-sharpenable blades and cutting wheels
  • Quiet operation (70 to 80 dB)
  • Multiple safety interlocks prevent injury by restricting access to the granulator while operating
  • Compact and mobile, caster mounted base saves valuable floor space and provides greater versatility


  • Integrated metal detection protects machine from damage or metal contamination
  • Automatic reversing system is available for reversing the rotation of the rotor to easily clear any material obstruction

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