Thermolator® TW-B


Value Packaged Basic Functionality

The Thermolator® TW-B Series temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperatures by circulating cooling tower or chiller water. Internal heaters provide rapid pre-heating of molds and dies.

All models offer incoloy heaters; silicon carbide pump seals; pressure gauges; easy-to-use microprocessor controls and tool-free access panels for fast removal. Process line purge is available as an option.

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Clear, accurate, easy to use

Microprocessor controls with adjustable tuning parameters offer uniform temperature control, regardless of external loading. This value control still offers pump running hours count, temperature deviation alarm and warnings, and adjustable alarm delay time.

Incoloy Heaters

Standard on all models, long-life incoloy heaters resist damage from high temperature and chemicals.

"Casters up" warranty

Three full years on all Thermolator TW Series models.


TW-B Thermolator gauges
Built-in pressure gauges

are standard for all Conair Thermolators with the TW-B Control.

Built-in sediment trap

settles contaminants away from the pump seals.

Incoloy heaters

minimize chemical and high temperature damage.

High efficiency pumps

3/4 Hp {0.56 kW} or 2 Hp {1.49 kW} pumps available. Industry standard cast iron pump impellers and silicon carbide pump seals on all models.


Auto-Relief option

Eliminates water puddles on the shop floor by using the cooling valve of the Thermolator to relieve pressure.

Compressed Air Purge Valve

Quickly evacuates fluid from the process circuit, allowing for faster, cleaner disconnection of the temperature controller from molds and hoses.

Stacking Rack

Save floor space by stacking single-zone Thermolator units two-high.

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