ULTRA Series Shredders

Ultra Series Shredder

High Volume Extra Duty Size Reduction

Large quantities of bulk plastic scrap are quickly size-reduced with the heavy-duty Ultra Series Shredders from Conair. Designed specifically for cutting through high volumes of plastic scrap, the Ultra Series readily accept loose scrap, bundles, and even gaylord quantities of plastic materials dumped into the reinforced surge hopper.

Controlled feeding is provided by an automatic hydraulic ram that pushes scrap into a rotating row of rugged knives bolted into machined pockets of the solid steel rotor. Once started, operation is fully automatic.

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Wide Open Access for walk-in service

A patented sliding, horizontal body separation allows easy access to knives, rotor, and all material contact surfaces for the easiest possible maintenance and cleaning.

Long-life, high impact rotor takes the abuse

The drop-forged, single-shaft, solid steel rotor is 4140 high alloy steel, heat treated for high tensile strength with a lifetime limited warranty. Oversized outboard pillow block bearings with split housings provide long life and easy shaft removal.

Extra-long service from 4-way rotatable blades

Dagger-cut design penetrates and efficiently cuts through plastic scrap and can be easily rotated to employ a fresh tip.


  • Solid steel, single-piece forged rotors – maximize durability and strength.
  • Self-cleaning, non-contaminating rotor seals – protect bearings from material contamination for longer bearing life.
  • Ultra-duty gear boxes – are directly coupled to regulate torque and rotor speed in rugged shredding applications.
  • Oversized spherical bearings – limit drift and handle heavy duty applications.
  • Auto-reverse rotor operation – quickly recovers in the event of jams.
  • Indexable dagger cutting system (4-way) – requires no sharpening and little maintenance to keep cutting efficient.
  • Straight-walls hopper – minimize the chance of materials bridging or compacting.
  • Service access doors – (with removable rear compartment) provide easy access for maintenance.
  • Heavy duty construction cutting chamber – maximizes dimensional stability to ensure precision, strength, and durability.
  • Over-torque limiting clutch – provides automatic shutdown to prevent damage in the event of prolonged clutch slippage.
  • Wide open chamber access – for fast, safe cleaning and maintenance.
  • 11-inch-high {279 mm} ram feed – prevents jamming using a torque-con-trolled, over-sized 7.5 Hp {5.6 kW} dual pump hydraulic drive system.


  • Take-away conveyors.
  • Elevating legs.
  • Custom feed hoppers.
  • Evacuation blower/vacuum system.
  • Interlocking controls – for both feed and take-away conveyors.
  • High-powered rotor motors – available from 50 to 300 Hp {37 to 224 kW}.
  • Variety of screen holes sizes – available from 3/8 to 4 inches {10 to 102 mm}.
  • Trap-cut knives.
  • Extra row of blades.
  • Bolt-in tool holders.

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