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WS Series Viper Granulators

WS Series Granulator

High-Performance Granulators Perfect For Thermoforming

Conair’s heavy-duty WS-Series Viper Granulators are designed for high-throughput applications to provide exceptional and dedicated size reduction for sheet, web and thermoforming processes.

Easy pre-adjustment of the gap between rotor and fixed bed knives results in increased throughputs and high-quality, uniform regrind.

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Direct, safe and easy access to machine core

Conair’s WS-Series granulator features a drop-down screen cradle and removable discharge bin without tilting needed. Complete rotor access greatly simplifies clean out and blade maintenance saving you time and money.

Optical-touchless and Pneumatic dancing arm

The dancing arm feeds thermoforming scrap into the granulator at the same speed as your process for high-quality regrind that won’t hold up your line.

Automatic rotor safety brake

The WS-Series rotor safety brake automatically locks the rotor in place when the housing is opened. This safety feature, which also has a manual release, protects the operator during blade maintenance by holding the rotor firmly in place.


  • Fully-soundproofed design
  • Large rotor diameter design for strength
  • Roller bearings mount integral with cutting chamber
  • Flywheel-type rotor pulley mounted with taper-lock bushing
  • Easy tool-free access for quick and simple cleaning and maintenance all from one side of the machine
  • Drop-down screen cradle
  • One driven and one idler roller
  • Infeed roller with torque arm
  • 3-knife rotor with steep angle cutting configuration
  • Scissor-cutting configuration
  • Pre-adjustable knives
  • Open area screen equal to approximately 50% of the rotor diameter
  • NEMA control panel
  • Specially designed discharge for blower evacuation

No-longs design

Screen equal to approximately 50% of the rotor diameter

Mechanical pneumatic dancing arm

Rotor brake device for maintenance


  • Hardened cutting chamber
  • High-wear knives and screens
  • Optical touchless dancing arm
  • Dual driven feed roller
  • Manual feeding hopper
  • Main electrical disconnect
  • High-amp control with alarm
  • High-level control with alarm

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