Air-Cooled Models ESA-22 to ESA-136

ESA Central Chiller

Year-Round Chilling With Precise Control

Engineered to meet the most demanding job schedules, these chillers are ideal for plastic processors. Units are self-contained and easy to install and maintain. The modular microprocessor control coordinates the actions of the chillers and provides stand-alone operation of the unit. The small size, convenient lifting and complete wiring allow fast, easy integration into your central cooling system.

State-of-the-art precision control

The up-front, easy-to-use control is the brain of the chiller. PLC displays process status information as well as lets you make quick setting changes. Control uses common English language interface and no symbols or codes.

Customized to fit your needs

Choose sizes, capacities and horsepower; Conair has the chiller to match your process. Pick capacities from 22 tons up to 136 tons.

Simple compressor design

The scroll compressor has 70% fewer parts than an equal capacity reciprocating compressor, eliminating the need for pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins and valves. Fewer moving parts mean less internal friction and greater efficiency.

Model Comparison