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ECFW Series Central Chillers

ECFW Central Chiller

Ultra-Low Energy Use Hybrid Chilling Technology

ECFW Series Central Chillers are designed for cooling applications between 40 and 120 tons, and utilize the ultimate in hybrid chilling technologies to achieve the lowest energy use levels ever. The combination of a hybrid film evaporator combined with an integral variable-speed drive ensure that you’re only using the minimal energy you need.

Standard control is a 7-inch advanced color touch screen, for operation and monitoring. The PLC can control up to six chillers. A 10-inch or 12-inch HMI are available options. The 12-inch allows for remote access using TeamViewer on a computer or smart phone.

Variable-speed compressor; hybrid film evaporator

Direct-drive variable-speed centrifugal compressor technology continuously adjusts the speed to match the load. Advanced design provides the most efficient heat transfer while minimizing the refrigerant charge requirement results in a compact, extremely energy-efficient combination, while extending the life of the chiller.

Resilient construction and simple installation

ECFW Chillers are built in an ISO 9001-certified facility using the highest quality materials available. Magnetic “friction-free” bearings are used to extend equipment life. Oil-free operation reduces potential for contamination of the refrigerant, and compressor failure. The chiller is factory wired and piped, ready to be connected and activated upon arrival. Components are easy to access thanks to the multi-leveled galvanized steel frame.

Soft-start with low noise operation

The variable-speed drive in the ECFW Chillers limits soft-starts to 2 amps inrush current per compressor. This reduces peak energy demand and extends compressor motor life. The magnetic bearings used maintain the perfect drive shaft position under high-speed operation, keeping noise levels very low.

Safe and reliable operation, with available communications

Every ECFW chiller has a UL label certifying the panel design and components comply with UL 508A standards. Add a BACnet or Lon Works communications port to get a Modbus wired gateway with a RS-485 connector on the control panel. Add the 12-inch HMI with an Integral Industrial PC for remote access using a computer or smart device.

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