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CP Series Cleated Pullers

Cleated Pullers

Maximum Pulling Strength with no crush

Conair CP Series cleated pullers provide enormous power to cleated belts, designed to effectively grip large extrusions and pull them smoothly through cooling and push them onto cutting operations. Thick, cleated belts deliver maximum squeezing pressure and grip on the extrusion yet with enough give to prevent product distortion. Maximum pulling strength and product quality is the result, ideal for large profiles, pipe and decking products.

Consistent, accurate pulling

Variable frequency AC drives achieve a high level of accuracy.


Conair CP pullers have a record of low maintenance requirements, long production life and uniform pulling performance.

Flexible and efficient

With the end mounted pivot designed upper beam assembly, easy operator interface with front mounted controls and many other options, this line of pullers offers maximum flexibility for minimum cost. A very efficient package.


  • Hand-held remote belt speed control with 100 feet of cable
  • Left-to-right operation
  • Custom paint
  • Servo drive
  • Cleats with a vee notch for tubing and small pipe
  • Optional voltages:
    • 575V/3 phase/60 Hz power supply
    • 400V/3 phase/50 Hz power supply
  • CE Certification
  • UL Certification

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