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MedLine® Puller/Cutter

MedLine Puller Cutter

Precision Pulling and Cutting for Medical Tubing Products

Conair’s extensive experience in medical grade extrusion equipment offers processors a wide selection of precision pulling and cutting equipment for maximizing cleanliness, efficiency and precision.

Choose from small, medium or large high-speed fly-knife cutters, mounted on precision rails for optimized positioning. And precision pullers, with belts of various sizes or pinch rollers with single or dual drive systems. Each of these selections can be ordered alone, or mounted together on a combined base, integrated with intuitive touch screen controls for the ultimate solution in cutting and pulling efficiency.

Precise pulling with servo motors

Independent servo motors with precision, inline, planetary gear reducers provide consistent, repeatable pulling with optimum torque and minimum drive system backlash.

Eliminate belt slippage

The helical offset tooth design and self-tracking belts on the 1-12 puller provide a highly accurate and efficient puller drive system.

Visible processing

All pinch rolls and cutters, as well as the 1-12 puller and the 2-12 puller, are equipped with 0.25 inch {6.4 mm} thick polycarbonate window guards that ease the string-up procedure by allowing the user to visually follow the microbore tubing through the pulling and cutting processes.

Product Features

  • Simple conveyor setup – Cutting from above the conveyor improves discharge interface
  • Visible cutter head – Clear knife guard lets you view the rotating cutter head and blade(s) during operation. Designed for easy access!
  • Built-in stainless steel particulate/overflow tray – Collects waste lubricant and material with each pass of the cutter blades. A fitting is provided for ease of draining.
  • Optimum eye-level monitoring – Controls are at eye-level and within easy reach.
  • Precisely control belt tension – Adjust puller belts and control tension on your material by opening or closing the belts with an easy turn or servo boom. Wheel or servo control.
  • Centered, guided material – An adjustable roller guides material onto the puller belts.
  • Precise pulling – Opposing belts uniformly draw material through to the cutter.
  • Independent servo puller motors – with low backlash planetary gear heads.
  • Choice of in-line planetary gear reducer ratios – Reducer ratios can be selected to optimize puller performance based on your application.


  • Stainless steel cabinet – An optional stainless steel cabinet is available for medical applications
  • Independent precision planetary gearhead reducers – Keep your process running smooth with independent precision planetary gearhead reducers. The MedLine pullers feature helical gearing and gear tooth microgeometry reducers that allow you to produce flaw-free product.
  • Digital belt gap sensor and readout option – Allows you to set and measure belt gap, to three decimal places, for consistent belt traction.
  • Optional intuitive taper/bump/bubble software – A digital, positional control is added to the puller servo drive along with a programmable controller (PLC) enabling you to program up to 32 speed variations and 32 analog air pressure adjustments that can be stored for repeatable tube profiling. This combination of air pressure and speed control allow you to produce a high quality, consistent end-product.
  • 10-inch HMI screen

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