No more streamers, angel hair or dust for higher quality parts

The Conair DeDuster® C-50 is a throat-mounted dust control separator that removes dust, angel hair and streamers from material just before it enters production. Conair’s patented DeDuster is perfect for applications with throughputs up to 50 lbs/hr where processors have problems with black spots or weak spots in parts due to dust and streamers. The DeDuster removes these problems at the throat which results in reduced scrap rates, higher quality parts, and increased profit.
Easy-to-use with a simple on/off switch, feeder speed knob and a clear dust container. The see-through container allows for visual confirmation that streamers and dust are being removed from the resin just before the injection mold machine or extruder. The dust container is easily removed and emptied by hand, without any tools, in less than ten seconds.

Ideal for medical applications

The physics of the venturi, in combination with the strategically placed ionizer ensure that the dust and streamers are separated from the pellets. This is what creates the clean dust-free pellets required for medical and other precise part production.

Compact size for easy retrofitting, and lower stack height

Whether you’re planning installation of a new line, or just want to add the DeDuster® to your existing equipment on the molding machine, the 10.25 inch {260 mm height of the unit is a huge benefit. Adding this small 26 lb {12 kg} DeDuster will eliminate countless bad parts.

Low cost, high benefit investment

For less than the cost of about a month’s worth of scrapped parts due to blemishes and imperfections, you can add the DeDuster to your process and greatly reduce the amount of scrapped parts, and increase the percentage of good parts, which increases your bottom line.