RG Series Vacuum Pump

Conair vacuum pump

Low-Noise, Vacuum Conveying Power

For moderate distance conveying applications, nothing beats the simplicity of a regenerative vacuum pump from Conair. Replacing larger, more complex positive displacement pump/motor units, RG Series Pumps utilize a one piece fan/motor unit to produce reliable vacuum power for loading systems up to 450 feet {137 m} and 7000 lbs/hr {3175 kg/hr}.

The simple, compact design allows the pump to be installed in nearly any indoor location, it can even be wall-mounted. Because the operating sound level is very low, concerns over noise pollution and proximity to personnel are minimal.

Requires no maintenance

The pumps are permanently lubricated to reduce downtime.

Quiet operation

Requires no soundproofing.

Reliable components

RG Series Pumps include a vacuum relief valve, vacuum gauge, magnetic starter and overload protection.


Idle mode valve and timer

This option eliminates frequent starting and stopping of the pump motor.

Filter canister

The filter canister provides simplified dust collection for virgin material systems.

Model Comparison