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CSC Model Servo Cutter

CSC Model Servo Cutter

High Torque Cutting with Speed and Accuracy

The Conair Servo Cutter (CSC) Series precisely cuts corrugated, flexible, rigid tubing or custom profiles to precise lengths on-demand or automatically. Choose from two models to match your high-speed cutting needs: pick the CSC-L (light duty) for maximum cuts per minute on flexible tubing, or the heavy-duty model CSC with increased cutting torque for tough materials and heavy wall extrusions.

The eye-level, front-mounted operator interface allows easy setup and monitoring, and links seamlessly with your extrusion line.

Cut capacity up to 5 inches

Cut parts up to 5.00 inches {127 mm} in diameter while essentially eliminating part size variations.

All new operator control

The CSC features a user-friendly 7-inch {178 mm} touchscreen with high visibility graphics and common sense commands for controlling the cutter. A large pop-up “soft” keypad makes recipe entry fast and easy.

Adjustable center line

The CSC Servo Cutter meets domestic or international requirements for centerline height as material travels into the cutter.


  • Stainless steel cutter head
  • Cutting torque horse power upgrade (Std. on CSC4 & CSC5)
  • Follower cutting mode
  • Timer mode
  • Variable blade speed for on-demand and flywheel cut modes
  • Slide base system
  • Batch counter
  • Electric eye and bracket for use with end sense mode
  • Blade wipe system
  • Bushing lubrication system
  • Left-to-right operation
  • Custom paint
  • Blade heater with Athena temperature control
  • UL certification

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