Automatic Cutting for Large or High Density Extruded Products

Conair TS Series Up-Cut Saws offer heavy-duty cutting performancece for larger, thicker extrusions that cannot be effectively cut with fly knife cutters.

The TS Traveling Saw, moves along with the process speed to cut pipe or profiles exacting to lengths with a carbide-tipped circular saw blade that rises from below the moving table. The operation is fully shielded to prevent injury and operates fully automatic.

Reduced machine maintenance

A heavy-duty, precision servo system provides smooth and consistent table top movement.

Precision cut lengths

Optional servo table travel with planetary reducers and a heavy-duty timing belt eliminates costly secondary operations, offers extreme cut-to-length repeatability and eliminates pneumatic adjustments for table travel.

Increased productiviity

The simplified arbor motor design reduces maintenance and increases blade rotation allowing faster line speeds. Blade speed is matched to blade diameter selection.

  • Electronic cut-to-length measuring system with digital automatic reset counter and encoder for mounting to puller
  • Servo drive package for saw table travel. System uses an AC servo motor with a precision planetary gear drive assembly
  • Special non-auto powder coat
  • Chip collection system
  • UL certification

TS Up-Cut Traveling Cut-off Saws Product Resources