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DustBeater™ Loaders


Most Heavy Duty Loader in the Industry

Conair’s DustBeater™ vacuum material loaders provide flexibility in meeting the varying demands of conveying pelletized and regrind materials to a hopper, bin or processing machine.

The DB8 is ideal for lower-volume conveying up to 200 lbs/hr {90.7 kg/hr}.

The DB12 provides a larger loader body, filter and vacuum motor for higher-volume conveying, up to 1000 lbs/hr {453.6 kg/hr}.

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Durable, powder-coated steel construction

Each loader comes standard in carbon steel and is available in optional stainless steel.

Easy maintenance

Plug-in connections, tool-less entry and drop-in filter make workhorse loaders easy to maintain.

Simple, intuitive control

The included Easy Loading Control (ELC) provides reliable control of all common loading functions.
The optional ControlMate™ pendant provides remote control and opens up advanced loading features like line purging, ratio loading, and much, much more.


DustBeater™ tubing connections
Tubing connections

DustBeaters are built for a lifetime of service, so common wear components are designed for easy replacement. Tubing stubs are threaded and may be easily replaced in the event of damage, extreme wear or even for changing line sizes.

DustBeater™ easy loading control
Easy Loading Control (ELC)

The simple, graphical control illuminates critical loading functions as they occur and includes a no-load light and horn.

Easy DustBeater™ Loader clean/exchange
Easy filter clean/exchange

The lid may be easily removed from the loader with no tools. The reinforced dacron disc filter simply drops into place. All connections are quick-disconnect for fast maintenance and easy service.


DustBeater™ Loader sound shield
Sound shield

The sound shield easily bolts in place with no loader modification. Effectively sends motor noise up, away from personnel. For brushless and brush motors.

Conair ratio valve
Ratio valve

Dual inlet material valve allows the loading of regrind alternately with virgin and may be installed on the inlet stub or remotely. Requires optional Controlmate pendant for setting V/R loading times.

Brushless motor

No maintenance. Longer life. Higher throughput. Brushless motors transform incoming power into fast acting magnetic pulses to create faster motor speeds and greater conveying power than traditional brush motors. Provides near-frictionless motor operation and long, maintenance-free loading performance.

Wear plates

T-1 tool steel plates, installed inside the loader body, radically reduce hopper wear when conveying highly abrasive materials like glass-filled compounds. Wear plates may be easily replaced, if needed.

Volume fill sensor

Provides efficient, automatic shut-off of the vacuum motor when the loader is full. An alarm light signals if the fill sensor has not been reached during loading.

Stainless steel material contact

Provides stainless steel in place of carbon steel. The 304 grade stainless steel is uncoated internally (in material contact areas), but powder coated externally for optimum cosmetic appearance.

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