Reliable Motor Loader Conveying of Free-flowing Powders

The Conair PM Series of Powder Loaders effectively transfers powdered resins (down to 1 micron), with the convenience of a self-contained motor loader. Available in a range of sizes to fit user needs, the PM Series uses high capacity, pleated filters coupled with a compressed air accumulated blowback system, for long, maintenance-free operation.

A strong, long-life, built-in vacuum motor provides the vacuum conveying power for smooth powder transfer over moderate distances.

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Compact to work in limited space

The motorized Powder Loader range can provide up to 56 ft2 {5.2 m2} of filter area while short enough for installation in low headroom areas.

Easy material change and cleaning

All components disassemble quickly. No tools are needed for material changes or cleanout. The pull-out filter assembly eliminates the mess associated with “bag-style” Powder Loaders.

Long filter life with minimal dust

The special, easy-release surface of the cartridge filters provides long operating life without packing or degradation. The programmable blowback system extends operating life and maximizes throughput. Filter cartridges are fully washable.

Stainless steel construction

Standard carbon steel construction can be substituted with 304 grade stainless steel (uncoated inside the loader and cosmetically powder coated on the outside).

Differential pressure gauge

To monitor the air passage of the filters to instantly determine powder compaction and the need to manually clean or replace the filter(s).

MedLine® DuraLoad Receiver - Up to 3 ft³ {85.0 liters}
Wear plates

Replaceable plates, installed inside the loader body, eliminate hopper wear-through when conveying abrasive or glass- filled materials. Available in either cold rolled steel or electroless nickel plating.

Positive discharge valve

Provides a pneumatically driven discharge valve on the bottom of the loader in the event that gravity will not sufficiently open the standard flapper after loading. Useful for very light resins or any resin that may not flow easily.

Conair auxiliary equipment
Filter vent assembly

The filter vent assembly provides a predictable exhaust path for blowback air to prevent pressurized air and dust
from escaping through feed tubes or seams in the receiving vessel.