Truck-Fill Line Proofing

Electro-Mechanical Coupling Lock For Proofing Silo Truck-Fill Connections.

The most costly mistakes are often the ones that happen the fastest. It’s very easy to accidently connect the flexible Truck-Fill line to the incorrect silo, creating thousands of pounds of mis-directed resin.

Conair’s Silo Truck-Fill Line Proofing system significantly reduces the possibility for error, as an electronically locked coupling will NOT release unless authorized. This ensures that the material is only conveyed to the correct silo.

System proofing accuracy from truck to silo, tracked and logged

The Silo Truck-Fill Line Proofing module ensures that only the appropriate connection can be made, by way of a secure interlock device. Connections are authorized, tracked, and logged through the control.


The stand-alone control allows for simple operation. Authorized individuals can enable connections, and allow conveying to begin. Once filling is completed, and the silo line cap is replaced, the system locks itself until the next authorized time.

Easily retrofitted

The system is easy to retrofit to existing silos, using the pipe-mounting brackets provided. While Conair installation specialists are prepared to handle new and retrofit installations, In the vast majority of situations installation can be completed by your own maintenance personal. Installation typically takes less than a day, depending on how many silos you have in your system.

Model Comparison