HRG Series Hybrid Pumps

HRG Pump

Quiet, Long Distance Conveying Power

Conair’s newest HRG Series Hybrid Pumps (regenerative impeller) provide extremely quiet, strong vacuum power for conveying plastic material long distances. The HRG utilizes an optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in conjunction with a multi-stage regenerative impeller design that creates vacuum pull in a quiet, nearly maintenance free package. The direct-drive pump delivers quieter vacuum performance at longer distances and higher elevations for challenging resin transfer applications.

Extend conveying system range while saving energy

Deep vacuum can provide conveying performance to 850 feet {260 meters}. The optional VFD (on 400V and 460V units) allows for perfect adjustment of the pump – using only the energy you need for your application. This saves money shift-after-shift, day-after-day.

Quiet your plant

Pumps running add to the overall operating noise of every plant. The HRG operates at a much quieter level (70-83 dbA), resulting in more comfortable working conditions.

Increase conveying system performance

Replace your pump with a HRG Pump to solve conveying problems without redesigning your conveying or vacuum tubing network.

Hybrid Vacuum Pump Features

HP Pumps must be used in conjunction with a Conveying System Dust Collector installed on the vacuum line prior to the HP inlet. HP pumps are equipped with:

  • Voltage matched, magnetic pump starter with 24 VDC starter coil
  • Mechanical vacuum relief valve
  • Vacuum idle mode valve with filter (requires 90 to 120 psi {6.2 to 8.2 bar} compressed air)
  • 12 square foot pump protection cartridge filter in no-tools access housing
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Internal cooling fan

Hybrid Vacuum Pump Options

3-phase disconnect switch

Use of a 3- phase disconnect switch near the pump installation is recommended.

Aftercooler on dust collector

Pump stacking stand

Model Comparison