MedLine® TW-P

Premium Thermolator, for Ultimate Control

The MedLine® Thermolator TW-P Series is designed as the top-of-the-line Thermolator package. The MedLine TW-P offers extensive options for maintaining the process temperature with circulated water that has been heated or cooled to the required setpoint.

All models offer incoloy heaters; silicon carbide pump seals; pressure gauges; easy-to-use microprocessor controls and tool-free access panels for fast removal. The MedLine TW-P offers options including: process line purge, a choice of temperature control points, auto re-start capability, a variety of communications options, cool down mode, remote start/stop, stainless steel exterior panels and a disconnect switch.

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State-of-the-art controls

Microprocessor controls offer uniform temperature control regardless of external loading. Status lights, process supply and setpoint values are displayed on the control simultaneously. Built-in features include: cool down sequence, pump running hours count, temperature deviation alarms & warnings, adjustable alarm delay times, toggle to process return temperature, alarm horn & silence switch, error diagnostics and independent start and stop buttons.

Energy savings

This new generation of Thermolators is much more efficient. Offering as much as 50% increase in the pump operating envelope, an application that may have previously required a 5 Hp {3.73 kW} pump may now only require a 2 Hp {1.49 kW} pump. PLUS, today’s pumps use less energy than their predecessors. Average yearly operating cost savings of the new Thermolators is $740 per unit. Conair Sales can help determine which Thermolator suits your needs.

Higher-efficiency pumps

More efficient pumps— 36% wire to water to be exact. 3/4 Hp {0.56 kW} to 10 Hp {7.46 kW} pumps are available and feature silicon carbide seals and sediment traps for extended seal life. Cast iron impellers are standard.


TW-P Thermolator gauges
Built-in pressure gauges

Built-in pressure gauges are standard for all Conair TW Series Thermolators

Thermolator incoloy heaters
Incoloy heaters

Minimize chemical and high temperature damage

Thermolator three-piece cast construction
Three-piece cast construction

Eliminates potential leak points

Thermolator sediment trap
Built-in sediment trap

Settles contaminants away from the pump seals


MedLine® compressed air purge valve
Compressed Air Purge Valve

Quickly evacuates fluid from the process circuit, allowing for faster, cleaner disconnection of the temperature controller from molds and hoses.

MedLine® modulating cooling valve
Modulating Cooling Valve

Fully modulating cooling valve provides consistent temperature control while eliminating water hammer issues.

MedLine® alarm packages
Alarm Packages

Call attention to alarm conditions with red alarm strobe light.

Stacking Rack

Save floor space by stacking TCUs two-high. The stacking rack can be used only with single-zone models.

Closed Circuit with Two Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Sizes

Offers greater performance, greater capacity, and less pressure drop.

Communications Options

Autostart/Remote start, Remote alarm dry contact, Remote temperature sensor.

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