Precise Sizing and Cooling of Tubing and Profiles

Conair MT Series vacuum sizing tanks provide stable vacuum for precise sizing of tube and profile extrusions up to 4.5 inches {114.3 mm} in diameter. Water/air separation technology improves product tolerances and surface finishes and allows for repeatable quality while minimizing scrap.

All models offer a high-efficiency plate heat exchanger, an improved spray bar and water level adjustment system, and a wide range of tank sizes and pump configurations.

Easy to operate

Built-in water-manifold system with water and vacuum valves are dedicated to each vacuum chamber (up to 5). Convenient quick dump valves drain the tank. Optional digital control offers automatic vacuum adjustment and in-line gauge or computer interface

Improved tank stability

Designed to handle heavier pulling forces. Heavy-duty shafts and bearings provide precise yet rigid longitudinal, vertical and side-to-side adjustment capabilities. (Roller system eliminates tank rock).

Stainless-steel components

The vacuum tank, water reservoirs, splash tray, drip trays and dome lid are stainless steel. Other surfaces are painted for corrosion resistance.

  • Vacuum gauge
  • Sight glass
  • Temperature gauges
  • Quick dump valves
  • Water manifold with valves designated for each chamber
  • Open and sealed reservoirs
  • High-efficiency plate heat exchanger (back of tank)
  • Glass lids
  • Internal water level control
  • Telescoping drip tray
  • Heavy-duty actuators for longitudinal, vertical and side-to-side alignment

5 or 7.5 Hp water pump

for processing thick-walled products or high-speed lines that require greater water flow.
2 Hp = 30 gpm @ 45 psi
5 Hp = 100 gpm @ 45 psi
7.5 Hp = 125 gpm @ 45 psi

Conair Vacuum Pump
5 Hp vacuum pump

for processes that require vacuum pressures up to 200 inches of water (14.7 inches of mercury) and cfm rates up to 150 for producing larger tubes and profiles.

Conair MT Vacuum sizing tank flow meter
Flow meters

Flow meters on the water valves in each chamber.

Bolt-on compressed air wipe compartment
Bolt-on compressed air wipe compartment

for drying the plastic product as it leaves the sizing tank. 80 psi required.

Other options:

  • Glass viewing lids – not available on units with vacuum blowers over 1.7 Hp, producing pressures greater than
    135 inches of water {3.4 meters of water}.
  • Telescoping front drip tray – catching water running off the calibration tool. The tray expands from 4 to 12 inches {102 mm to 305 mm}.
  • Vacuum control – including eye level, NEMA 12 enclosure with ten turn potentiometer control, AC invertor and manual vent valve for 1.7 hp vacuum blower.
  • PAVC+, Precision Automatic Vacuum control with touchscreen HMI – for digital vacuum control providing increased accuracy and interface with measuring equipment including an invertor drive.
  • PAVC+
    • Ethernet microproccessor interface
    • Analog microprocessor interface
  • PAVC+ temperature control – including plug in module, thermocouple pickup and heat exchanger solenoid valve.
  • Presinnker assembly – for non contact sizing applications including one set of glass inserts bored to size.
  • Filter system with flush capabilities – for minimum pressure drop and one hundred gallons per minute filter capacity.
  • Three way valve for vacuum shutoff – in secondary chamber. This allows chamber to operate in the flood cooling mode.

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